This is my final post of the semester, and I wanted to write my reflection on both this blog and my expository writing class in general.

I have enjoyed finding all of these doubles in sci-fi. I found a lot of movie characters that were inhuman but were also doubles of humans in ways that I would not have thought of if I did not take this course. I had a fun time finding the short stories that I read; they were all quirky in their own ways. I liked that I had many different types of human doubles in all of my pieces of fiction.

In this class my eyes were opened to how doubling in fiction can further the literary elements already present. I was especially interested in the identity doubling that we looked at in our first unit of study. We studied how social issues cause people to develop double identities of themselves. Other instances of doubling that we studied included the scientific doubling that I discussed in my blog and the uncanny doubling present in inanimate objects such as dolls and mannequins.

I think my writing has improved a lot due to this course, and I will be using many of the writing techniques that I learned in the future.

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